We are Certified Experts for highly specialised software development using Claris FileMaker
And we share, 'cos we can!

We deliver Facts, not Fiction!


We mix a design-driven mindset, a deep understanding of the latest technologies and a lean approach to solve problems and get you ready for any digital transformation.

We deliver Facts, not Fiction!


Based on solid and extensible platform you'll get the perfect fit for your data and needs! Development is an iterative process and we prefer to what is commonly known as "Agile software development", but with our personal touch.

We solve problems. Period!


Since 2013 we organise the largest pan-European Developer unconference, the dotfmp.berlin. An event where the smartest brains and most skilled developers join in Berlin. This 3-day events is the most important meeting for the Crème de la Crème of the European developers but is meanwhile so appreciated world-wide that developers from the USA, Canada, Dubai, Japan and Australien take the long way just to be there.

Furthermore we run the Berlin FileMaker Meetup for anyone to meet and talk about all things FileMaker.

Eat, Sleep, Code, Repeat


Without any knowledge about software development you'll end up with a profound set of tools and expertise to start your life as a problem solver.

We share, 'cos we can!


Software to base your business upon is an important part of your success. Ensure stability and longevity by investing in a solid and time-tested platform. As long-time Claris Platinum Partner are we able to define your most exact needs and to offer special discounts.

We save money. Yours!


  • Highly skilled in developing any type of Software based on Claris FileMaker.
  • Experienced in gathering, optimizing and restructuring of process operations.
  • Passionate in planing und designing of modern user interfaces and user experiences.
  • Proficient in organising very special events.
  • Skilled in Data privacy and System administration.
  • Knowledgeable in branding, marketing and creating unique user experiences in general.


Claris Platinum

Claris Inc.
2019 - Today

FileMaker Platinum

Claris Inc.
2014 - 2019
  • Claris Inc. awards just a very a small number of developers for their outstanding work and contribution to their customers and the community. This is an exceptional sign of honour.
    We are continuously awarded since 2014.


Claris Certified Developer

2021 - Today

FileMaker Certified Developer

2008 - 2020
  • This credential demonstrates to clients, peers and management that we have achieved an essential level of knowledge, experience, and skills in developing on the FileMaker Platform.
    We are continuously certified since FileMaker 9.

FileMaker Trainer

2010 - Today
  • This credential demonstrates that we have extensive real-world experience and in-depth knowledge on the best practices in FileMaker solution development.
    We are continuously certified since 2012

Certified EU-Data privacy specialist

  • This credential demonstrates that we have extensive knowledge about regulations and requirements as well as technical concepts and solution approaches to comply with the GDPR.

Unfortunately there are no written certifications for loyalty and discreetness...



Egbert A. Friedrich
Nostitzstraße 28
10965 Berlin

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